Supporting the Worship and Ministries of Grace Church.

Be a part of Grace and help us offer our ministries and our worship in the greater world.

Please join us in 2021 in the business aspect of the church, so that the life and ministries of Grace Church can continue…and even grow.

      Here are some easy ways you can participate:

1) Make an online donation by clicking this link. The Diocese is offering this program through the end of the pandemic. All fees are being paid by the Diocese, so all money you donate will come to Grace. A check is written each week to Grace from the Diocese. Once you make a contribution, you receive an email acknowledging your donation.

2) Fred Meyer Community Rewards program. It is so easy. Go to this link and follow the steps for enrollment. This will take you to a page where you can designate that for every purchase you make at Fred Meyer, a donation will be made to Grace Episcopal Church, Astoria, Oregon. In the scroll down of organizations, choose “Faith Based”, then put in Grace Episcopal Church and we will pop up! Click on the box and voila! you are done!! Now…enjoy shopping, knowing that you are helping Grace Church also!

3) And remember, if you order through Amazon and haven’t yet signed up for AmazonSmile, please do so today. Just click here and complete the information, designating Grace Episcopal Church Astoria Oregon as the recipient of the donation Amazon will make while you shop.

4) Some of you have asked about direct deposit of your money to Grace Church. You will need to contact your bank and let them guide your through the steps.

5) And if you haven’t yet made a pledge to Grace Church for 2021, it is not too late. You can pledge online here, or call the church office for a pledge card.

Regardless of how you support Grace, we give thanks for your support.
Together, with God, we can do great things.