Sunday School

Easter 010      Sunday School

Taking a child to himself, Jesus said “…And whoever receives one such child in my name, receives me.” Matthew 18:5

After discussion of what and how we can offer our children in the world of faith, we began our Sunday School class at the beginning of December on Advent I. Elementary age children go to their class during the opening hymn, then rejoin us at The Peace for communion. Our YOuth Group, the J-Walkers are always encouraged to help out in the classroom with the younger folks.

During December, our study focused on the Messengers of God, better known as angels. We read the stories of the angels who appeared to Mary, Joseph (more than once!), the shepherds and the Wise Men. To enhance our class time, we made two different kinds of angels and shared them during the worship service. We also helped tell the story of Advent and Christmas by adding figures to the Nativity Set and  moving the shepherds and Wise Men closer to Bethlehem each week in the worship service.

Christmas Eve found us in costume offering the story of that first Christmas. 

January brings the Season of Light, the season of Epiphany which begins with a single star and ends with the blinding light of the Transfiguration.  We will hear the stories of Jesus offering his light to the world and discuss how we can offer the Light of God in our own ways to the world in which we live. Some surprises are planned to involve the entire congregation and help make us all Lights of God. 

Our Christian Education ministry is fully staffed by volunteers so we need your input and assistance. No one is asked to take on this ministry alone…or for the rest of one’s life! There are many creative and innovative ways to offer Christian Education to children…and it is guaranteed, that in the process, the adults will learn and grow also.

Please help us in this important ministry. Talk with our Rector, Betty, with ideas you have and how you can be involved.

All children and teens are welcomed to be a part of our worship each Sunday morning. Hearing young voices in worship, prayer and singing adds such glory and joy to the service.

We do have Nursery Care available for those age 5 and under who might need a little less time in worship. Even so, these folks are encouraged to join us for communion. There are also quiet books in the back of the Nave for those who wish to stay with Mom and/or Dad.

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