Lent 2021

Dear Friends,

This Lent will, as it was last year, be different from any we have known. However, this year, I think we are a little better prepared for making our journey through Lent than we were last year.

With great gratitude to many of the folks at Grace Church, Lenten home packets were made and delivered to those in our area. There were many things in the packets to help live this most holy season of Lent. While we can’t include all of them (like the Mardi Gras beads, Lenten caterpillars and Ash Wednesday ashes), I do offer you the written material included below. Please do peruse these things and see what might assist you in walking the road of Lent this year.

Stay in touch; My email is rector.graceastoria4691@gmail.com. Let me know how Grace and/or I can help; and remember, we will make it to Easter and shout “Alleluia!” once again…together, even though masked and physically separated.

Here are the things for you:

  • Letter from the Interim Rector, giving the various services and activities throughout Lent is here;
  • Ash Wednesday liturgy recorded live is available here on FaceBook. The liturgy is available here.
  • Schedule of our “Fridays in Lent Stations of the Cross with Contemplative Music” is here. The service of February 19, 2021, with Jennifer Goodenberger as our guest musician, can be seen here. Unfortunately, we had a power outage about 37 minutes in, so the rest of the program was lost as to the broadcast. Friday, February 26, 2021, with Laurie Drage, can be enjoyed here on FaceBook or here on YouTube. March 5, 2021, with guitarist Dave Drury, can be enjoyed here on FaceBook or here on YouTube. Next week, March 12, Jennifer Goodenberger will return as our guest musician.
  • Wednesday evening liturgy, to be used throughout Lent, is here. The weekly meditation on The Lord’s Prayer is here (Updated each week.) The February 17, 2021 service can be seen here. Evening Prayer for February 24, 2021 can be seen here. Evening Prayer for March 3, 2021 can be enjoyed here.
  • Lent Madness bracket and how to use is here;
  • A Prayer Card to guide you through Lent Morning and Evening is here;
  • An Easter Egg to color each day as you do one act of kindness in the world is here;
  • Suggested reading list here. SOON AVAILABLE.

Betty McWhorter+
Interim Rector