Sunday School

Easter 010      Sunday School

Sunday School is offered on the 2nd and 4th Sundays  of the month during the school year for children and youth from preschool through grade 8. Our dedicated team of volunteer teachers offer a positive and nurturing environment in which their students can learn about the Christian faith and life. Children are always welcome to bring a friend with them, and the students develop strong bonds with each other as they grow in their faith.

Sunday School takes place immediately following our 10:00 am service. Students begin the service with their family in ‘Big Church’.  After Communion they are led to their Sunday School classes for that week’s lesson.  Once completed students are returned to their parents who are enjoying fellowship during coffee hour in the parish hall.

The lessons are intended to stay with students throughout the week and their lives!   What the students learn in Sunday School can be a good launching pad for meaningful conversations during the rest of the week with even the youngest children.

Our Sunday School Lessons are based on the readings for that particular Sunday.

Readings for the coming Sunday may be found here:  Readings

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    1. A Montessori based morning school for Preschool youth with two instructors for a class of no more than 25.

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