Sunday School

Easter 010      Sunday School

Taking a child to himself, Jesus said “…And whoever receives one such child in my name, receives me.” Matthew 18:5

As we move into the next part of our journey with God, we are exploring new ways to engage and instruct the younger members of our parish.  While not ideal, we have suspended Christian Education classes on Sunday morning as we listen to parents, grandparents and all of us who love and value children. Yes, the children are the “future” but they are very much a part of our lives now. As such we are called to work to welcome, teach and include them in our Christian journey together.

Our Christian Education ministry is fully staffed by volunteers so we need your input and assistance. No one will be asked to take on this ministry alone…or for the rest of one’s life! There are many creative and innovative ways to offer Christian Education to children…and it is guaranteed, that in the process, the adults will learn and grow also.

Please help us in this important ministry. Talk with our Rector, Betty, with ideas you have and how you can be involved.

In the meantime, all children and teens are welcomed to be a part of our worship each Sunday morning. Hearing young voices in worship, prayer and singing adds such glory and joy to the service.

We do have Nursery Care available for those age 5 and under who might need a little less time in worship. Even so, these folks are encouraged to join us for communion. There are also quiet books in the back of the Nave for those who wish to stay with Mom and/or Dad.

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